Puppy Introduction Package

Our Puppy Package is suited for puppies up to 6 months of age and we are able to schedule an appointment, providing that a week has passed since their second vaccination.

Early introduction to the grooming process is something which we believe to be vital for all puppies, especially breeds that will require regular grooming as adults. 

The earlier puppies are introduced to the grooming process, the more at ease they will be with it, and the more they will enjoy visiting us!

Our Puppy Package prices vary depending on the breed and maturity of your puppy.

This  package includes six 30 minute visits, spaced 1 week apart with the sole purpose of getting your dog used to the grooming process.

Each session will be led entirely by your dog, and we will discuss your puppy’s progress after each visit. This enables us both to see how well they are doing, what areas we need to work on in the salon and what you can help with at home.

We will also spend time with you to ensure that you have the best tools for maintaining your pets coat between grooms.

We will take each session at the pace and comfort of each puppy, but our aim is to achieve some/all of the following by the end of their course:

  • Brush
  • Nail clip
  • Bath
  • Gentle blow dry
  • Hygiene clip
  • Face tidy
  • Feet tidy

More confident puppies might achieve all of this after their first few visits, but as our aim is to ensure that each session is ended on a positive note, and that the puppy is comfortable throughout, some puppies may need a more gradual introduction over the six visits.

The aim of our puppy package is to make the sessions an enjoyable and calm experience for his/her journey into being groomed which will always stay with them.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your puppy’s trust and deliver the best grooming experience they can have.