Emmi Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

At Groomintails we are pleased to provide the Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning System for Dogs to our clients.

The system cleans dogs teeth thoroughly and effortlessly using ultrasound, which penetrates deep into the gums, preventing gum inflammation, periodontitis, tartar, bad breath, and tooth loss.  

The ultrasound system works without vibration or sound. 

The ultrasonic waves, toothbrush, toothpaste and water work together as a team, breaking down tartar, plaque and kills bacteria.

This non-invasive system will benefit not only your dogs’ teeth, but their health in general, as unhealthy teeth and gums can affect your dogs whole body. 

Also helping to avoid costly vet intervention and anaesthetic treatments.

We start the process by an initial consultation to discuss what is best suited to your dogs needs. Most dogs can be successfully treated with a course of 5 or 6 sessions, followed by a maintenance clean when they are in for a groom or a scheduled appointment.

Some dogs may require veterinary attention if their tooth decay is advanced, if there are any loose teeth or infected gums.  

If we have any concerns, we will refer you straight to your vet. 

For more information and to book your dogs sessions, please contact Julie on 07808801995.